Your GP Practice is committed to operating in a way that complies fully with the provisions of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and the Data Protection Act 2018. We recognise that the personal data legitimately required in order to carry out our work must be collected, processed, stored and disposed of fairly, lawfully and with due regard to confidentiality. We fully respect your privacy.

If you have any questions about your data or how we deal with it please contact the practice and get in touch with us by clicking on the Contact Us links available on this website.


General Data Protection Regulation Privacy Notice (GDPR)

Please see notices below which explain why your GP collects information about you and how that information may be used.

GDPR notice - Extended Access.docx

Extended Access Fair Processing.docx

Practice Fair Processing Notice - Children.docx

Practice Fair Processing Notice - Adult.docx

Primrose Surgery Privacy Notice - Children.docx

Privacy Fair Processing Notice - Adult Patients.docx

Access to Medical Records Policy

Please see our Practice policies regarding the procedures that are in place at Primrose Surgery, to enable individuals to apply for access to the information that is held about them, and also to allow authorised individuals/organisations access to information held about patients where necessary.

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