lady nurse taking bpWe run a range of clinics detailed below. For an appointment or further details, please call our reception on 01274 729602.

The times of our Clinics are altered to accommodate the needs of our patients and are often changed for suitability, therefore the times and days have not been printed. When telephoning for an appointment, a member of our Reception staff will advise when specialist clinics are held.

This clinic is run by midwives. If you become pregnant, you will be given a ‘booking appointment’ at which time the midwife will ask you some questions and carry out a general health check. You will continue to be seen regularly throughout your pregnancy at the Hospital, or at Barkerend Health Centre or both.

Baby Clinic
Please note that from 01 March 2016 all baby immunisations will be pre booked appointments. If you wish to book your baby for their routine immunisations please telephone the surgery on 01274 729602. The Health Visiting team will be available for drop in sessions at Barkerend Health Centre every Thursday afternoon between 1.00pm-2.30pmand Mortimer House every Monday morning between 9.00am-11.00am.

Child Health and Immunisation
All babies from 8 weeks old are invited for regular check ups with one of our GP’s and Health Visitors and immunisations from our Practice Nurse.

Travel Immunisations
For patients travelling abroad, our Nursing Team offers advice and travel vaccinations if necessary. Some of the travel vaccinations may be chargeable.

Led by our Nursing team, this clinic offers advice and general health check ups to patients diagnosed with Diabetes

Diabetic Foot Clinic
Clinics are held every two weeks. Please ask at Reception to book an appointment or for further information.

Dietician Clinic
Clinics are held weekly. Please ask at Reception to book an appointment or for further information.

Free NHS sight test/hearing test
If you are aged 60 or over and you find difficulty in visiting your Optician there is now a facility for a free eye/hearing test at your home. For more information call today on 0800 85 44 77 to find out if you fall into the correct category.

Sharps Boxes
The Practice will be issuing diabetic patients with sharps boxes and collecting full ones from patients.

Stop Smoking
Please telephone 01274 437700 for help and advice if you would like to stop smoking.

Asthma / COPD
Asthma sufferers can book an appointment for this Clinic which is run by our Nurses who specialise in Asthma care.
Information for our Asthma patients - Overuse of blue inhaler in Asthma

Minor Wound Management
The Surgery is now performing minor wound care. This falls into the category of small burns, cuts, grazes etc which do not require stitches. Should you have any queries or concerns please contact the Surgery for advice.

Shingles Vaccine
Information to follow shortly.

Flu Vaccine for children
A nasal spray will be offered to children aged 2 and 3 on 1 September 2013. That is, children with a date of birth on or after 2 September 2009 and on or before 1 September 2011. Please come and sit and wait at our Baby Clinic on a Thursday morning or book an appointment with the Practice Nurse.

Cough Medicine
The Clinicians have stopped prescribing cough syrup due to lack of evidence and risks in certain age groups. We have a Practice Protocol now in place after a recent audit on cough syrup prescribing and all Clinicians are following that Protocol.

Head Lice
Please note that we do not prescribe medication for head lice. This may be bought over the counter at any pharmacy.

Hearing Loop
A hearing loop is in place at the front Reception desk for those who are hard of hearing. Please ask in advance if you require a British Sign Language Interpreter booking for your appointment.

Welfare Benefits Advisors in Surgery
Please note we have an advice worker from Family Action Bradford who is available every other Thursday, there are 3 appointments only which can be booked through calling the Surgery.

Creative Support Community Links
Creative Support is to help people who have experienced loneliness, depression, or disability. If you are over 55 this may be a service which may benefit you. If you would like to know more then please go to

Steroid joint injections
Dr Shah is now able to perform the following injections, knee, shoulder, carpal tunnel, de quervains, trigger finger, tennis/golf elbow, trochanteric bursitis. Plantar fascia injections will not be available for the time being. A double appointment will be booked and the appropriate prescription will be issued which the patient will bring with them to the appointment.

The care of transgender Patients

Our staff clinical and non clinical are inclusive and understand appropriate pathways for referral, as well as maintaining confidentiality, screening, prescribing, referral to Social prescriber/ Care Coordinator and other social services, prescribing, and monitoring for transgender patients.

Our practice staff are trained in trans-awareness as part of their wider equality and diversity education. The Practice staff are trained to deal sensitively with approaches from patients requesting changes/support.

Please advise the clinician/reception/admin staff for further help and support.

Over 75 Health Check
If you are over 75 you are entitled to a free health check. Please book yourself in with either Claire or Fenhaz.

Family Action Bradford
at Primrose now have a member from Family Action Bradford in on a Thursday who will see 3 patients (9.30/10.30/11.30). They are here to help with any benefit, money, employment, housing, immigration and other issues. Please ask at Reception for a free and confidential appointment.

'To whom it may concern' letters

If you require a TWIMC letter please write down briefly what you require and then we will get back to you with the charge. Please note that no letters will by typed until payment has been made.



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